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Featured Image - Plastic vs Cardboard Packing A Greener Choice For Your Next Move
A Greener Choice For Your Next Move

Plastic vs Cardboard Packing

For generations, cardboard boxes have been the go-to solution for packing and moving. However, with the rise of plastic crate hire services, a new question emerges: plastic vs cardboard packing - which would be the greener and more efficient choice for your next big move?
While lightweight, inexpensive and easy to obtain, cardboard has its limitations. The fact that it is essentially a heavy form of paper presents three major downsides

  • Flimsy and Fragile. Cardboard bends, tears, and collapses easily, leaving your belongings vulnerable to damage during transport.

  • Susceptible To Environmental Factors. Rain, snow, or spills and other liquids can quickly turn a sturdy cardboard box into a soggy mess, potentially ruining your valuables. Even placing them on wet or icy ground can damage the cardboard and risk spilling your belongings.

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The Sustainability Myth

Did you know that the process used to make paper and cardboard is the third largest use of industrial energy on the planet? Reduce the consumption of cardboard boxes by making the switch to our strong and durable Easycrates - designed to have minimum impact on the environment!

Plastic vs Cardboard Packing: A Closer Look At Cube’s EasyCrates

Featured Image - EasyCrate - About Us

Cube Crate Hire offers a superior alternative to cardboard boxes: our eco-friendly plastic hire crates. Made from top-quality, durable plastic, the Easycrates are built to last for many years of moving and storage. Unlike single-use cardboard boxes which are low water and weather resistant, our crates are designed to have minimum impact on the environment, can handle heavy loads and be used a hundred times over without breaking down.

After each relocation, we will inspect, clean and sanitise the crates to ensure the cleanliness of the crate for our next customer. This helps to prolong the lifespan of our crates, getting the maximum use out of each and every one of them before proceeding to recycle it when they can no longer be used.

With Easycrate, you can move with ease – safe in the knowledge that you’re one step closer to saving the environment and making the world a greener, better place.

Plastic vs Cardboard Packing - Durable

Strength and Security

Unlike flimsy cardboard, Easycrates are strong and can withstand significant weight without bending or breaking. Your belongings will be safe and secure during your move.

Climate-Controlled - Plastic vs Cardboard Packing

Weatherproof Design

Rain or shine, your possessions stay protected. Easycrates are water-resistant, shielding your items from the elements and potential spills.

Hiring of reusable plastic crates which are practical and eco friendly

Eco-Conscious Choice

By choosing Easycrates, you're actively reducing waste. Our reusable crates are designed to be used hundreds of times over, minimising the need for disposable cardboard boxes.

The Easycrate Advantages: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

Moving Made Easy, Moving Made Green

Here at Cube Crate Hire, we embrace the principles of sustainability. Our commitment goes beyond just offering reusable crates. We take a three-pronged 3Rs approach to minimising our environmental footprint.


The production of cardboard boxes consumes a massive amount of energy. By switching to Easycrates, you're helping to reduce the demand for cardboard and its associated environmental impact.


After each use, our Easycrates undergo a thorough cleaning and sanitization process. This ensures they're ready for the next customer, extending their lifespan and minimising waste.


While Easycrates are incredibly durable, there eventually comes a time when they can no longer be used. We ensure responsible end-of-life management by recycling the plastic into new products.

With Easycrates, you can enjoy a stress-free move while making a positive impact on the environment. Our reusable crates are strong, secure, and weatherproof, offering superior protection for your belongings. Discover our range of moving crates and packing materials. 

Ready to make the switch to eco-friendly moving?

Cube Crate Hire offers a plastic vs cardboard packing revolution with our Easycrates.
Book online or call us at 0800 027 2668 to learn more and reserve your Easycrates for your next move. Together, let’s move towards a greener future.

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